We support our CAN members every step of the way, and our members have a few responsibilities too …

Proud to be a member

  • We’d like you to cite membership of CAN in your communications but of course, you can’t infer this brings a recommendation. Find details of how to use our member logo here.

Working together

  • As a Full member or Affiliate member we ask that you work with us to offer mutual support to other organisations where you can, and in a spirit of cooperation.
  • We welcome your input at forums and other meetings and ask that you have in mind the greater good of the sector in any debate. We’ll also ask you to declare any specific interest.

Equality of opportunity

  • We’re committed to the principles of equality of opportunity – we understand many organisations are established to support specific groups of people, however, we ask that in doing so you don’t breach our equal opportunities policy – available on request from us.

If you’re not happy with us

  • If you are dissatisfied with a service provided by CAN, we want to know about it. In the first instance please contact our chief executive who will be pleased to listen to your concerns. We have a Compliments and Complaints policy available on request.

If we’re not happy with you

  • In the unlikely event a member is considered to be bringing CAN into disrepute, we’ll want to put things right with you. If this doesn’t work, we may sadly have to take steps to end the membership in accordance with our Articles of Association.

CAN membership