Business Supporter membership provides an opportunity for local businesses with a ‘social conscience’ to connect with like-minded businesses, charities/community groups and our Council and NHS colleagues. We all share a vision for Dorset to be a place where strong, healthy, diverse and vibrant communities flourish.

The voluntary and community sector is hugely diverse and contributes £830 million annually to the local economy. Thousands of people benefit from the support charities and community groups offer and thousands of local people regularly volunteer to support their community. Let’s all work together and flourish forward fairly!

How will my business benefit from joining CAN?

  • We provide a gateway to enable your staff to volunteer purposefully through our Volunteering Hub and Employer Assisted Volunteering offer – we can help with model policies and training

  • You will find out more about the local voluntary and community sector and benefits to your business
  • Membership supports your corporate social responsibility goals
  • It enables you to easily support local communities if you wish to donate goods or services
  • It delivers an opportunity to partner successfully with local small and micro community groups, rather than a large national charity that may have limited local impact
  • It enables you to work with us to inform community support and development
  • You will receive a quarterly update celebrating community focused work across the area and how you might get involved
  • You will receive invites to online and in-person networking and celebration events
  • Join us annually to hear about all the developments at CAN
  • No collection tins will be shaken in your direction – we promise

Our Business Supporter Membership is just £25 a year and is open to any business with a ‘social conscience’ working or operating in Dorset.

Please complete the online form by clicking on the ‘Join Us’ button below, or visit our office for a printed copy.

Business Supporter is an annual membership  –  after one year we will contact you to ask whether you wish to continue your membership. Business Supporter Membership Responsibilities (below) sets out our ethical commitment to you and yours to us:

Any questions or queries please contact Michelle Holland, our Membership Development Lead or call 01202 466130

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