Our vision is for local communities to be strong, healthy, diverse, vibrant and flourishing.

Our mission is to EMPOWER, ENABLE and CONNECT communities. This is our ultimate purpose. It defines what we aim to achieve every day, through every decision we make.

We do this through inspiring community and voluntary action by:

EMPOWERING the voluntary sector to survive and thrive, by providing expertise, support, development opportunities and training

ENABLING volunteering through our Volunteering Hub, helping everyone to play an active role in their community

CONNECTING communities by helping to create conditions where everyone’s voice is valued and heard by facilitating great local networking and communication.

Our values

Our values have been co-produced by trustees and staff, and aspire to NCVO Charity Ethical Principles. They underpin our vision and mission and demonstrate the behaviour we expect from ourselves and others.

They are all important – so we share them alphabetically:



  • You will see us being clear about our vision and mission as an organisation;
  • Proactively involving our members and stakeholders in our work, enabling their views and experiences to be listened to and taken into account;
  • Making sure when developing our policies that we have the interests of our members in mind;
  • Being committed to collaboration and partnership working.


  • You will see us being kind and compassionate to each other and everyone we meet;
  • Creating an inclusive culture, where people’s wellbeing and mental health are valued and promoted;
  • Standing against abuse of trust and power, including bullying, intimidation, harassment, discrimination or victimisation;
  • Being an open organisation, where everyone can see how we work, deal with any problems and how we spend our funds.


  • You will see us being outward-looking, bold and proactive;
  • Empowering our sector and being passionate about their worth;
  • Challenging the status quo to make a positive difference in our local community;
  • Being relentless in our mission to achieve our vision;
  • Remaining independent and professional;
  • Being a role model for best practice.


  • You will see us behaving ethically and upholding the highest levels of institutional integrity and personal conduct at all times;
  • Being honest and accountable to our members and stakeholders;
  • Having good governance and systems in place to ensure all decisions are robust, defensible and free from conflicts of interest;
  • Considering the effects of activities conducted in private life on the reputation of the charity and of our sector in general;
  • Ensuring our resources are managed responsibly.


  • You will see us being sensitive to the impact of our activities on both the natural and humman environment;
  • Celebrating diversity – valuing people from all different cultures, backgrounds and races for the uniqueness that makes everyone an important part of the community;
  • Promoting equality of opportunity – understanding that some groups may face additional barriers, and take steps to remove them;
  • Supporting our staff and volunteers to reach their full potential.

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